Best E-Juices May 2022

The Best E-Juices of May 2022

The beauty of the vape industry lies in the indefinite variety of creations when it comes to e-juices and the ever-evolving art of vape e-juice mixology that never seizes to amaze us with its daring extent of experimentation. As part of our commitment to bring you the highest quality products and the most interesting releases, we have launched our monthly series to feature the latest and greatest ...

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Does Vape Juice Expire

Does Vape Juice Expire?

It happens sometimes that we purchase more e-juice flavors than we need to and then we are left with unopened products that have been sitting on the shelf for a while. It is normal to wonder if it’s safe to use those old products, especially when we begin to notice slight changes in the color, texture, and smell. The short answer to whether e-juices expire is yes. But how? As detailed in our...

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What is Vape E-Juice Made of?

E-juice or E-liquid is what people commonly call vape juice, which is the liquid that you use to fill the pod you attach to your vape device. E-juices come in plenty of varieties and they could be sweet or savory, freebase, salt nicotine based, or even nicotine free. The e-juice becomes heated as you inhale and produces vapor that you exhale, mimicking smoke produced by many tobacco products, but ...

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Best E-Juices 2022

The best E-Juices of April 2022

With many vape best e-juices and flavors entering the market on a regular basis, we at Vape Club are constantly exploring different flavors to offer our customers the best and highest quality products out there. In this series, we will be surveying our team and customers to learn about their favorite all-day vape flavors every month. We will be sharing the results along with a brief description...

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Vapes vs E-Cigs

Vapes vs E-Cigarettes: How are they different?

While people commonly use the terms vapes and e-cigarettes interchangeably, they are actually two different products and learning the difference is worthwhile if you are trying to figure out which one may be best for you. E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are devices that mimic traditional cigarettes in size and feel. The main focus of an e-cigarette is portability being practical to be u...

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Disposable Vape Pods

What are disposable vape devices and why are they so popular?

Disposable vapes are vaping devices designed for a single pod use and they must be thrown out once the device runs out of battery. At first thought you might wonder why would someone choose a disposable device that they have to replace every few days when regular vape devices are more affordable in the long run. However upon closer inspection into the appeal of disposable vape devices, you too mig...

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Burnt coils pods

Why do my vape pods burn fast?

We’re all familiar with the unsavory burnt flavor of a vape coils or pods burn gone bad. The burnt flavor often makes us cough or cause an uncomfortable sensation in our throats which tells us it’s time to purchase new pods burn. Coils are inherently disposable and they need to be changed periodically because once the coil is burnt, unhealthy chemicals are released which can impact our health nega...

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